Designation Position
Prime Minister        Chairperson
Education Minister, Government of Nepal Co-Chairperson
Health Minister, Government of Nepal        Co-Chairperson
Appointed by Government of Nepal from among the doctors who have made special contribution in the field of medicine Vice Chairperson
Member, National Planning Commission (Education and Health) Member
Three vice chancellors from the University having medical education program Member
Secretary, Ministry of education, Government of Nepal Member
Secretary, Ministry of health, Government of Nepal Member
Chairperson, University Grant Commission Member
Vice Chairperson, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training  Member
Chairperson, Nepal Ayurvedic Medical Council Member
Chairperson, Nepal Health Research Council Member
Chairperson, Nepal Nursing Council Member
Chairperson, Nepal Health Professionals Council Member
Chairperson, Nepal Pharmacy Council Member
Chairpersons including at least one female from National level medical and nursing professional - 2 Member
Chairperson from a private educational institution association except medical and dental Organization – 1  Member
Distinguished members of civil society including at least one female - 2 Member
Chairperson, Nepal Medical Council Member
Among medical education experts based on the principles of inclusion including at least two females - 3 Member
Chairperson, Nepal Medical Association Member
Chairperson of private medical and dental college of national level official organization Member
Senior staff of the commission Member Secretary